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Engineer's Words by Y. Horii

With high technology support, Reflect user's needs and construct LCD Inspection System

I. S. X. Corporation SE Y. Horii

Development Team full of challange spirit

"Orginal system never found out of here". "We are the best". ISX designs and develops LCD Panel Inpection System as well as ISX started. Our product line satisfy various inspection items and have evaluation from user.

I am so proud of ISX's technical ability, which supports the quality of our product. "Never be non-sense, just remember drive your idea free" is ISX's style. We also keep this in our mind, "Fear for failure and not to try is unacceptable".

Our engineers always pursue the latest technology with their unique idea, and rich their originality through a daring challenge spirit.
So that our engineers are able to design a lot of characteristic products / systems, especially the portable signal generators.

High Quality Products with Quick Delivery System

"High reliability", "Short Lead-Time", "Customization adpated to Product Line" and "Completed Support System" are the advantages of ISX LCD Panel Inspection Sytem.
In order to guarantee the reliability of working steadily under every different environment, ISX proceeds environment test completely with Aging Tank in ISX's own factory. Just because it is very important for a 24-hours working system of LCD Panel.
Sometimes users have to get heir product line ready because of high season, that is why our "Short Lead-Time", "Delivery Immediately" system is so highly valued.

Suitable Inspection System is Updated in Latest Technology

Based on the know-how from LCD pruduction, ISX brand products are making progress day by day. In another word, ISX is able to offer various customization for any plant and product line.
ISX is a local company in Japan, and a speedy, trusted support system is available iwthout doubt. We can value user's production process effectively and offer the most suitable insoection system / device.