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LCD Signal Generator

A variety of signal generators available for proceeding evaluation test on all modules completed LCD including appearance before shipment.

Signal Generator For LCD Module

Merits of LCD Signal Generator

Specification change available with easy customization

For a LCD factory, various models are released, and the inspection conditions certainly are diversed due to its own production spot. ISX's signal generators support easy customization with signal I/O setting, the setup of peripheral devices.

[Easy S/W setting]
To support any kind of needs in every inspection process, S/W is designed for a user is able to change S/W setting easily. Flexibly supports the change of LCD modle, production spot.

[Free maintenance commits high reliablility]
Most of all, high reliablility comes with free maintenance. Easy using and quick introduction brings a stable management. A high reliable management in production spot can anticipate even in the busy season.

Setting of LCD Signal Generator

Colorful screen is superior invisibility, and intuitive operation with the mouse is also easy. For the factory in foreign country, indication with local language is available, and helps the local staffs operate S/W easily. Users can change setting very easily, it prompts the management of different products, inspection processes. Real-time monitoring on defects and information indication are able to support the inspection precisely.

Pattern Modification
Pattern Modification
Set color pattern (RGB, SYNC), and dot pattern.

Timing Setting
Timing Setting
Set timing. Like singal adjustment / variability, horizontal synchronous frequency, vertical synchronous frequency, etc.

Power Setting
Power Setting
Set power input, adjust voltage. Variable setting is avaiable, such like auto control, etc.


Download the following specification sheet including specification details, functions list of ISX products for confirmation. It helps on comparing /w inspection processes, and product research.

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