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Illuminating Device for Aging

A variety of illuminating devices available for testing assembly completed LCD under different enviornment conditions. Aging test is indispensable to improving product's quality, and need to proceed with many severe conditions, such like high temperature, high humidity and ultra low temperature, etc. ISX's inspection system is able to bear up against such kind of a severe enviornment condition, such like illuminating consecutively with 2-6 hours under a high temperature, even over 12 hours.

Aging Inspection

Merits of Illuminating Device for Aging

Durability & high reliability both cleared ISX's severe test

With Aging Tank in ISX's own factory, we proceed a lot of product test adpated to the inspection environment. ISX offer the inspection system / device with durability and high reliability, which cleared various test subjects, like high temperature, high humidity, ultra low temperature.

Orginal Aging Tank

Control various driving and signal I/O, support different LCD types

A varietyof power supply box, signal generator and control box are going to satisify any I/O style of LCD classes and sizes.