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Inspection System for COM Adjustment

The process to proceed working tests on LCD panel is assembled with an flexible print board. In this process, to input regular power and adjust the baklight before assembly, called as 'COM adjustment', is as important as the signal generator. Before assembly as the final module, it is necessary to assume a completion state and proceed adjustment / inspection / confirmation.

Flicker Inspection

Merits of Inspection System for COM Adjustment

Support various LCD sizes

Designed to support various LCD sizes. Available to support every size of LCD by a variety of jigs.

Support various I/O style of signs based on different driving type.

A varietyof power supply, signal generator and control box are going to satisify any I/O style of LCD classes.

Link to inspection system for a better network

This process will run the illumination test by signal generator, and COM adjustment to confirm the tone of color, brightness etc. Since the above 2 inspections are necessary but with its independent device / system, un-inspected or un-confirmed cases were often happened with the past inspection system / tester. Therefore ISX's inspection system currently is able to link signal generator and COM adjuster, to proceed Inspection Before Shipment more certainly and smoothly.