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Inspection System for Before Assembly

If Array Cell Board is sealed with liquid crystall material and passed the illuminating test, Tab will be assembled for the 1st stage of assembly processes. In the inspection before assembly (means, before assembling the print board), electrical sign inspection and backlight illuminating test will be proceeded.

Inspection System for Before Assembly

Merits of Inspection System Before Assembly

Support various sizes, from wide panel to very small panel.

Designed to support various LCD sizes. Available to support every size of LCD by a variety of jigs.

Support various I/O style of signs based on different driving type.

A varietyof power supply, signal generator and control box are going to satisify any I/O style of LCD classes.

Support various specification by different setting jigs

Main function of inspection system is to send power and signs into FPC which is already incorporated with driver IC. ISX inspection system support various size, signal type LCD by a lot of different setting jigs. Customization satisify all your needs, such like an orginal order. We offer the special jig with a flexible board, slant stand, and backlight jigs. Fine-pitch supported.