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Product Concept

Proposal the most suitable inspection system
To raising efficiency and precision of the liquid crystal production.

Good point of ISX LCD Panel Inspection System

  1. High reliability
  2. High precision
  3. Short lead-time
  4. Support system

We manufactured the high reliability products through a techniqued reserch & development sytem and completed manufacturment control. Flexiable customization supports customer's product line immediately, also short lead-tme and immediate delivery feets any change of manufacturment plan from its factory. Especially great support sytem available only from a JP maker, brings you a LCD Panel Inscpection with high precision and high efficiency.

Various inspection systems corresponding to every process

Our inspection systems support many inspect items required in every process of liquid crystal production, such like "Panel Inspection", "LCD illuminating Inspection", "Backlight lIlluminating Inspection", "Aging Inspection", etc. We have built a consistent performance of every process from development, manufacturment to factory support.

Product list-up by LCD Inspection flowing

Developed a variety of severe quality inspection,Established the high reliability.

At the inspection line of the high-definition liquid crystal, the electrical signal I/O is with high speeds. The environment evaluation experiment which is integrated liquid crystal and inspecion system is practical. We developed a complete and impeccable quality inspection on our inspection systems, to ensure them sustainable at any severe inspection, from high temperature to extra low temperature, shocking. An aging tank for various environment experiments is availble in our reliability evaluation team. We are proceeding various durability tests that accorded with the inspection line. Based on the completed quality control system, we offer an extremely reliable inspection system.

Constant Temp. & Humid. Test As to sensitive electronices, we simulate any use condiction may changed by country/region/weather, and confirm the temperature/humidity characteristic. A living test around 100-200 hours with high temperature / high humidity.
Moving Test in High/Low Temp. LCD may be used with any diferent climates / living conditions. A moving test under the high/low temperature environment by simulating the various conditions.
Vibration Test A evaluating test to ensure the device/system can be used in the general use conditions, the transportation vibration condition, even in any unexpected shocking vibration condition.
Thermal Shock Test Ensure if/how the electronic parts and device/system can tolerate the variation of the ambient temperature. Confirm the influence of the heat stress by temperature cycle with high/low temperature condition in turn.
Decompression Test As to the electronics for plane, simulate the low pressure (decompression) condiction of flight, and ensure the relability.